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Hello! My name is Brandon Forster. I am a young 3D artist hoping to get accepted into College for Creative Studies in Detroit. I have been developing my skills in computer animation since I was 11 years old. I started with the basics, and as I got older I discovered Blender, an open source software that can do just about anything 3D (if you have the skill). That's why I created this site. For just about anyone, it is very hard to obtain the necessary skills to create 3D artwork. This site's purpose is to help people do that. Through the power of a single forum here on Blendermind, people can now learn how to use Blender without having to watch long and boring video tutorials. Pin-point exactly what you need to learn, and learn it!

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Check out my best piece of work...

To create this video I used the Smoke Simulator in Blender. Once the render was finished I loaded it into Adobe After Effects and added the title and creation time. Over all, the project took me a straight nineteen hours to complete.